About the Society

ANZMapS is a national group of map producers, users and curators which acts as a medium of communication for all those interested in maps. The AMC was founded as the Australian Map Curators’ Circle in 1973.

The general aims of ANZMapS are:

  • To promote communication between producers, users and curators of maps.
  • To improve the skills and status of persons working with map collections.
  • To promote the development and effective exploitation of map collections throughout Australia.

The ANZMapS Annual Conference is held in a different city each year. All aspects of map use and mapping are discussed and the proceedings of the conference are published as part of the journal of ANZMapS, The Globe. The diversity of the papers presented at the ANZMapS’s annual conferences reflects the broad range of interests of its members. Topics covered at these conferences include historical maps, map production techniques, the cataloguing and archiving of maps, government policy and technological change.

How to Join…

Membership of ANZMapS is available to anyone who has an interest in maps. Subscription rates for an individual are $50.00 per year, for which you receive the ANZMapS journal, The Globe, and Newsletter.




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