The Australian and New Zealand Map Society Inc.350-018
(ANZMapS) is a group of map producers, users and curators, which acts as a medium of communication for all those interested in maps. Membership of the ANZMapS is available to anyone who has an interest in maps.

ANZMapS membership is for a calendar year. Costs are $50 for individuals and organisations, and $30 for students. Membership includes delivery of The Globe, and the ANZMaps Newsletter.


ANZMapS Committee 2013/14:

Maggie Patton, State Library of NSW, (President)

Julie Senior,350-029
Auckland War Memorial Museum (Secretary)

Andrew Eliason, (Vice President)

Dr Martin Woods, National Library of Australia (Business Manager)

Dr Brendan Whyte, National Library of Australia (Member, Editor The Globe)

Karen Craw, Hocken Library, University of Otago (Member)

Jenny Sheehan, Australian National University (Member)


  • The Globe – Brendan Whyte
  • ANZMapS Newsletter - Julie Senior