Mapping Pacific Places

Mapping Pacific Places - ANZMapS conference 2020, National Library of Australia, Canberra, Thursday September 10.

Despite recent headwinds the Map Society in cooperation with the National Library of Australia and The Hakluyt Society, is holding a one day symposium with the theme "Mapping Pacific Places". Keep the date September 10 clear - a program of speakers has been drafted (below), and the booking system and more details will soon be released. [Due to Covid restrictions now in place, the event has been limited to one day, and a maximum 100 attendees]

When Magellan entered the Pacific in 1520 he could not have imagined the magnitude of the Pacific Ocean, which he believed could be crossed in a few weeks. This expedition began centuries of speculation and exploration and an explosion of cartographic publications.

Pacific Ocean engraved on steel by Gray & Son
Glasgow : Published by Blackie, Fullarton & Co., Edinburgh, 1826.

At this one day seminar we will explore ideas of the Pacific from "Magellanica" to the present, and reassess the role of maps in understanding - and misunderstanding - its knowledge, peoples and cultures.


  • Ian Burnet / A World Divided [Portugal and Spain, the spice race]
  • Granville Allen Mawer/ East by West: Navigating with Magellan
  • Robert J King/ Finding the Antipodeans
  • Paul Geraghty/ Maps and the European understanding of Fiji toponomy 1643-1840
  • Bronwen Douglas/ Place, Race, Genome: ‘Polynesia’ in Deep Historical Perspective
  • Jan Tent/ Naming Places: Dutch Voyagers and Toponyms in the Fifth Part of the World, 1616–1722
  • Margaret Sankey/ Secrets and lies: the French ‘discovery’ of the Pacific Ocean
  • Frances Steel/ Mapping the Pacific in the Age of Steam
  • National Library/ Pacific Virtual Museum
  • The Society’s AGM will be held after proceedings.
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