ANZMAPS Webinar Wed 14 July

Wed 14 Jul
12:00 pm AEST / 2:00 pm NZST

In the second instalment of this year’s ANZMapS Webinar Series we will hear from experts talking about the latest innovations in the State and National mapping programs of Australia & NZ.

Karl Baker – Land Information New Zealand
Mapping New Zealand in 2021 – Respecting past and present products as we look to future! A presentation on maps and future possibilities…

Dmitar Butrovski – Geoscience Australia
Enabling Access to Geoscience Australia’s Aerial Photography Collection – a journey from aerial survey films to digital downloads

Geoscience Australia is the custodian of a large aerial survey film archive holding aerial photography from 1928 to mid-1990s originally captured for mapping purposes.  Until more recently, it was difficult for public to find specific aerial photos and to access that information as digital images.  Geoscience Australia has developed a new catalogue application which enables anyone to find and download digitised aerial photographs at fraction of time and free of charge.

Jodie Howie and Simon Haycock – Queensland Department of Resources
Queensland Topographic Mapping Program offered by the Department of Resources

The traditional delivery of Topographic Information via printed maps has changed.  Recent spatial application developments and state-wide datasets has created opportunities for Topographic mapping to be supplied by spatial applications such as QTopo, basemap services and pre-generated map downloads.  The presentation will discuss the changes that enabled this new delivery and the future directions for Topographic and basemap mapping.

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ANZMAPS email list moving to new host

The ANZMAPS yahoogroups email list, along with all groups on Yahoogroups, be closed down by Yahoo on Tue 15 Dec 2020.

We have now set up a replacement email list for the Society, hosted by

Visit the list’s home page at for details on how to subscribe to the list, and how to post messages.

Anyone is welcome to join the email list, but we encourage everyone to become financial members of the Society too, for maximum benefits.

We look forward to having you on board!

Robert Streit wins inaugural student presentation award

The 2019 ANZMapS conference, ‘Mapping in Action’, held at the National Library of Australia on 24-25 September, focused on presentations by students about the use of mapping in their research.

The $1000 prize for best student presentation was awarded to Robert Streit , a PhD student with the Reef fish ecology and evolution lab at James Cook University, Townsville, for his presentation on “Space use in reef fishes: why we need maps in reef ecology”

Congratulations Robert!

Robert prize
Robert being awarded his prize by ANZMapS president Dr Martin Woods.

All our student presenters (l to r: Kirrily Apthorp/ANU, Percy Rakoto/RMIT, Mae Noble/ANU, Inge Riebe/ANU, Oscar So/RMIT, Cynthia Parayiwa/ANU, Robert Streit/JCU, Hedvig Skirgard/ANU, Melissa Pineda Pinto/Swinburne; absent: Micah Edwards/Nowra Christian School & Nicholas Skopal/ANU)

Registration for “Mapping in Action” now open

Registration is now open for the special event, “Mapping in Action”, to be held at the National Library of Australia in Canberra, Tue-Wed 24-25 September 2019.


Mapping in Action brings together spatial science students, historians and map lovers for this unique ANZMapS event.

“Mapping in Action will showcase the latest in spatial information, data visualisation and historical mapping, with prizes awarded the best presentations, and open the doors to Australia’s largest map collection. Its my pleasure to introduce such a diverse group of speakers and subjects.” Dr Martin Woods, Senior Curator of Maps and Research at the National Library of Australia

Over two days, Mapping in Action will show how linguistic properties of Indigenous placenames can be mapped, how maps are used to understand Marine Protection, the ecosystem of Port Phillip Bay, the British Music Trade, cultural practices in Papua New Guinea, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, and much more. There are new tools, including Geoscience Australia’s Aerial Photography Through Time, and the National Library’s Mapwarper. Day 2 will include a behind the scenes tour of the Library’s vast map collection.

See the Event webpage for registration details.

2019 ANZMapS ‘Mapping in Action’

ANZMapS’ Mapping In Action special event will be held at the National Library of Australia, Canberra on Tue 24 and Wed 25 September 2019.
The Conference Committee is now seeking submissions for presentations.

Share with other researchers how maps and spatial science help us interact with, interpret and understand society, the environment, history and science.

Call for Presentations 
Outlines (200 words): submit here
Deadline for submission: Friday 31 July 2019.
The Dorothy Prescott Prize for best presentation will receive $500 and publication in The Globe.

This year there is also a special $1000 prize for the best student presentation!

Full registration: $40 per day ($80 for 2 days).
Student registration: $20 per day ($40 for 2 days)
Registration includes morning/afternoon tea and lunch.
Check the conference page for updates.

Sessions will be held on Tuesday 24th and the morning of Wednesday 25th September, followed by a visit behind the scenes of the NLA’s Map Collection on Wednesday afternoon. View the unique maps and ephemera that make up Australia’s largest map collection.

ANZMapS Membership

Presenters and attendees are not required to be members, but why not join up anyway, and receive 2 issues of our journal The Globe each year.
Annual membership only $60!
Annual student membership only $30!
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Patricia Alonso Award 2018 prizewinner: James Embury

Each year the Society awards the Patricia Alonso Memorial Prize to the best Third Year student in RMIT’s Bachelor of Science (Geospatial Science) degree.

The prize consists of  a $500 award, plus one year’s membership of ANZMapS.

The award is made at the student awards dinner in August of the following year.

In 2018, the award for best third year student in the class of 2017, was made to James Embury, and presented by ANZMapS’ past president Greg Eccleston.

Congratulations James!

Student dinner 2018