2019 conference: ‘Mapping in Action’

The Society’s 47th annual conference will be held at the National Library of Australia, Canberra,

on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th September. 

This year’s theme is Mapping in Action.

Registration is now open.

Mapping in Action offers students the opportunity to showcase their research, and is open to any research topic in which mapping, spatial information or data visualisation plays a part, including: history, geospatial sciences, humanities, social sciences, geography, population health, astronomy, environment, earth sciences etc.


Call for Papers 
The conference will consist of several sessions each made up of three 30-minute presentation slots.
Aim for a 20-25 minute presentation, leaving 5 minutes for questions.
Abstracts (don’t forget your contact details!) should be sent here
Deadline for submission: Friday 31 August 2019.

The Dorothy Prescott Prize of $500 is awarded annually for the best presentation. Part of the prize requirement is that the paper be accepted for publication in our journal The Globe.
This year there is also a special $1000 prize for the best student presentation, with an option to publish in The Globe.

Registration is now open.
Full registration: $100 per day ($200 for 2 days).
Student registration: $60 per day ($120 for 2 days)
Registration includes morning/afternoon tea and lunch.
All presenters receive free day-registration for the day of the presentation, but students are expected to attend both days of the conference to be eligible for the presenter’s prize.

Conference schedule
Conference sessions will be held on Tuesday 24th and the morning of Wednesday 25th September, followed by a visit behind the scenes of the NLA’s Map Collection on Wednesday afternoon. View the unique maps and ephemera that make up Australia’s largest map collection.

ANZMapS Membership
Presenters and attendees are not required to be members, but why not join up anyway, and receive 2 issues of our journal The Globe each year.
Annual membership only $60!
Annual student membership only $30!
Join here.

Conference organising committee:
Dr Martin Woods, Senior Curator, Maps and Research Programs, National Library of Australia
Dr Brendan Whyte, Curator of Maps, National Library of Australia
Kay Dancey, Manager CartoGIS Services, Australian National University