Dorothy Prescott Prize 2012

The ANZMapS committee is pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Dorothy Prescott Prize for the best paper presented at the annual conference.

The 2012 winner is Rupert Gerritsen for his paper “Getting the strait facts straight” about Flinders’ search for a strait in the Australian coast likely to lead to an inland sea.

Rupert is an independant scholar who has been engaged in youth work, community work and mental health, and specialises in developmental work. His recent focus on Indigenous Australian Prehistory Research included And Their Ghosts May Be Heard, (1994, 2nd edition in 2002). It is a detailed exploration of the fate of the Dutch mariners castaway on the Western Australian coast in the 1600s and early 1700s. In 2011 he published Beyond the Frontier: Explorations in Ethnohistory (Canberra: Batavia Online Publishing).

Congratulations to Rupert! The prize consists of a certificate and $500, which are awarded to a presenter upon publication of his paper in The “Globe”. We look forward to publishing the paper in due course.

New website on Arrowsmith’s maps of Australia 1834-58

Dorothy Prescott, OAM, former map curator of both the University of Melbourne Library, and of the National Library of Australia, has created a website to publish the results of her long-standing research into the evolution of the Australian maps from John Arrowsmith’s “London Atlas of Universal Geography” of 1834 to 1858.
The site documents each individual state of the maps, and details changes made from previous states, and includes information on worldwide institutional holdings of the various states.

The maps document the British exploration of Australia, showing explorer’s routes and findings, and slowly filling in the continent, and removing speculative features.

Newsletter # 112

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[Minutes of ANZMapS AGM 2011]

Cook’s Treasures seminar, National Library

On Friday 24 February, The National Library hosted a seminar, Cook’s Treasures, for an across the board exploration of Cook’s influence on Australian and South Pacific history. Keynote speaker Professor Iain McCalman delivered the 2012 Kenneth Binns Lecture, ‘Captain Cook’s Environmental Crisis on the Great Barrier Reef’. Over 100 guests enjoyed presentations by ANZMapS member and author of “Captain Cook’s War and Peace” John Robson, and a cast of mariners, academics, and North Queensland people.

List of presentations:

2012 Kenneth Binns Lecture, ‘Captain Cook’s Environmental Crisis on the Great Barrier Reef’, Professor Iain McCalman

Cook in Print: Andrew Sergeant, National Library of Australia

The Cook Archive: Nicola Mackay-Sim, Curator Pictures, National Library of Australia

Cook the Map Maker: John Robson, Map Librarian, University of Waikato

Dispelling the Myths, Oral history through the Guugu Yimithir people of contact with Cook and his crew: Alberta Hornsby, Kuku Yalanji, Guugu Yimithirr, Idinji, Ankamuthi and Ganggalida tribes of North Queensland

The Captain and His Book in the Victoria River Country, and Beyond: Deborah Bird Rose, Professor of Social Inclusion, Macquarie University

James Cook and the Endeavour at Botany Bay and Cooktown: John Molony, Emeritus Professor, Australian National University

Life on Cook’s Endeavour: Alan Frost, Professor Emeritus, La Trobe University

Cooks Relics Real and Imagined: Dr Nigel Erskine, Curator Exploration & European Settlement, National Maritime Museum

Some late improvements of the means for Preserving the Health of Mariners: Allen Mawer, independent researcher

Conference highlight – Muller’s map, Tabula moderna alterius hemispherius, 1525

The keynote speaker at the 2011 ANZMapS conference was Frederik Muller, who gave a presentation on the first map documenting Magellan’s sighting of the Southland and sailing of the Pacific, Fries’ Tabula moderna alterius hemispherius, 1525.

Following the presentation a nmber of attendees requested a copy of Fries’ Tabula moderna alterius hemispherius, 1525 .

Tabula moderna alterius hemispherius, 1525

The text on the reverse has also been linked.

If you have additional questions regarding the map or the presentation Frederik Muller is happy to be contacted at

Congratulations to Dr Jan Tent, recipient of the 2011 Dorothy Prescott Prize.

The Prize is awarded for the outstanding paper at each Australian and New Zealand Map Society conference. There were many excellent papers presented at the Sydney conference, 24-27 May at the State Library of NSW, making the panel’s choice this year a very difficult one.

Dr Jan Tent is a linguist at the Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University, and director of the Australian National Placenames Survey (ANPS). Jan’s paper was, “Where in the World is Ulimaroa? Or, How a Pacific Island Became the Australian Continent”, and is to be published in a forthcoming issue of The Globe.

Book Launch: Maps that shaped Australia

The launch of Professor Robert Clancy’s latest book written with Paul Harcombe, Maps that Shaped Australia, will be held following the conference Welcome Drinks at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 24 May in the Members Room, Mitchell Wing, State Library of New South Wales. If you are attending the conference you are welcome to stay for the launch after registering for the conference.